Holographic vortex creation
Holographic creation of vortex modes: (L to R) phase-only digital hologram, resultant mode amplitude (signed), resultant mode phase profile.

I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge, supported by a Henslow Research Fellowship from the Cambridge Philosophical Society.  My current work centres on holographic modal control of optical fibres for use in telecommunications and endoscopic imaging. I conduct this work jointly with Prof. Tim Wilkinson, Prof. Ian White and Prof. Richard Penty from the Department of Engineering, and Dr. Sarah Bohndiek from the Cambridge Centre for the Physics of Medicine.  Prior to this, I completed my Ph.D. specialising in wireless MIMO communications and radio-over-fibre technology under Prof. Ian White at the University of Cambridge, where I was at Trinity College.

I have significant experience in free-space optics, fibre optics, digital holography, wireless MIMO communications and radio-over-fibre.